Kahvana is here!

Youngsters who stayed in BiH: New IT company ‘Kahvana’

In the sea of negative stories that flood Bosnian society every day, stories like this one attract the public’s attention and give courage and motivation for real belief in the future.

“Our company is engaged in software development, artificial intelligence, and marketing, and we are dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality solutions that will be of great benefit to our clients. At Kahvana, we believe that technology is not just about tools and processes, but also about people and their needs. Therefore, we are committed to providing personalized and tailored service to our clients, to ensure them the best possible experience,” said Tarik Halilović.

Tarik Halilović, Salih Osmanković, and Pavao Zornija have decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure by starting a new IT company that will differ from others in terms of specialization and focus, which is mainly oriented towards the development of artificial intelligence models, which is novel for the region as a whole.

“Kahvana is a joyful and innovative place where my expertise in software development and love for technology come together, and I can’t wait to provide our clients with the best solutions for the success of their business,” added Pavao Zornija.

“Kahvana is a great opportunity for me to transform my knowledge and experience in the field of artificial intelligence and software development into innovative and effective solutions that will bring business success for our clients,” concluded for our portal, young Salih Osmanković.”